careFIJI CHECK-IN  gives you peace of mind when you need to go out for essentials. Scanning when you enter and exit helps the Ministry of Health and Medical Services with contact tracing.



supports your business by reducing manual effort needed to log entry and exit of each and every visitor.

Businesses shall be required to register and download a unique digital geo-identification indicator, through the use of a QR Code, to identify the location of their businesses and various branches. The QR Code will need to be printed and displayed in entry and exit locations of their business and various branches. All customers shall be required to scan the QR Code using their careFIJI application when visiting the business location, whereby phone number and the time of entry and exit will be recorded. Click here to download careFIJI CHECK-IN Business Registration Guide.

How to display your careFIJI CHECK-IN Poster

Display the poster in a prominent place at or near the main entrance. You can also place some posters inside, especially where people walk past without creating an obstacle.


You can print as many copies of your careFIJI CHECK-IN poster as you like, but each location needs its own QR code.

We recommend you:

  • print in A4, colour and laminate if possible
  • place the poster about 130cm off the ground
  • make it easy for people to reach
  • consider those that may be less able to reach over or around objects.

Do not:

  • crop the poster or code
  • place the poster on sliding or revolving doors
  • place in narrow, or hard-to-see areas
  • place in an area with high glare
  • place high up or in hard-to-reach areas.