• What is careFIJI?

    careFIJI is a mobile application (app) by the Fijian Government under the digitalFIJI initiative to assist the Ministry of Health and Medical Services streamline and speed up its manual contact tracing efforts. By opting into this voluntary initiative, Fijians can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives by harnessing the power of technology –– all while maintaining their absolute security and privacy. Using Bluetooth technology that does not capture any location or GPS information, careFIJI is based on the TraceTogether mobile application developed by the Singaporean Government and mirrors the COVIDSAFE app widely adopted by millions of Australians in their own fight to eliminate COVID-19.

  • Why is a digital contact tracing app needed in Fiji?

    • The careFIJI app will enable you, your loved ones and all Fijians to be contacted earlier and to be given COVID-19-related health advice, especially when you have crossed paths with a careFIJI user who is recently diagnosed with COVID-19.
    • There is no delay between case confirmation and notification of careFIJI users who are close contacts. Currently, the contact tracing process relies on the memory of the recently diagnosed COVID-19 patient on who they have been in contact with. When every second counts, and it’s often difficult or impossible to remember every person you’ve been in contact with, this app will serve as a faster, more effective, and life-saving supplement to manual recall and tracing methods.
    • If used by enough people, digital contact tracing plays a significant role in achieving epidemic control in a more highly-targeted way –– and thereby has the potential to limit the need for broader public health measures, such as lockdowns or curfews. This critical mass will help to further instil confidence in Fiji’s trading and tourism partners, and potentially allow us to safely re-open our borders while keeping COVID-19 at bay –– saving lives and livelihoods alike.

  • How do I set up the careFIJI app?

    The process is easy, and should take just a few minutes from start to finish. With these short steps, you are helping Fiji in our campaign against COVID-19, and helping us not only save lives, but bring back jobs of your friends and neighbours, and continue to increase confidence among our tourism and trading partners.

    • Access the app from PlayStore/AppStore links above; or :
    • Type careFIJI in the search bar.
    • Download and install the app.
    • Launch the app.
    • Enter your mobile number on the registration page, wait for your SMS one-time PIN and enter the PIN into the space provided.
    • Give consent by selecting the “Agree” button in the app.
    • Please follow the step-by-step instructions on the careFIJI app to set-up application permissions to allow Bluetooth and location permission access.
    • Set-up is complete. Please ensure that your careFIJI app is open and the Bluetooth is turned on.
    Note: Due to the underlying system architecture of Android operating system, the Bluetooth feature uses the location service in order to run on majority of the mobile phones and which is why you may be prompted by the careFIJI app to turn on your mobile phone’s location service. The careFIJI App DOES NOT capture/collect any location or GPS related information. Turning on your Location Service is ONLY required for registration. You can turn off your location service after registration.  

  • Why does the careFIJI app ask for mobile number?

    A mobile number is required to activate the careFIJI app and Ministry of Health and Medical Services officials will use the same number to call you to conduct contact tracing.

  • How do I know the careFIJI app is working?

    • For Android users – a permanent notification message will be displayed in the Notification Panel to indicate the careFIJI app is running.
    • For iOS/Apple users – The app has to be open in the foreground (the app is open on the phone screen) to ensure ideal functioning of the tracing functionality of the app.

  • What impact will the careFIJI app have on my phone’s battery life?

    The careFIJI app has been built to consume minimal battery while in operation, meaning that the app will have little to no impact on your everyday use. The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) for scanning and the Bluetooth LE uses a negligible amount of battery and automatically goes dormant when the service is not in use.

  • How much of my mobile data or WIFI does the app use?

    Virtually none. By using Bluetooth technology, the careFIJI app does not rely on the continuous use of mobile data or WIFI to operate its functionalities.   Mobile data or WIFI is only required for the following:  

    • Minimal data (10MB) is required to install/download careFIJI app from Google Playstore or iOS AppStore and in partnership with the telecommunications sector, your service provider - Vodafone or Digicel -- will reimburse you with 100MB which is ten times the data used from your personal mobile data.
    • Once you have downloaded the careFIJI app, you will need to register an account and this will not use your personal mobile data or WIFI.
    • In the rare event you are asked to upload your encrypted and anonymised information to be accessed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services for contact tracing purposes and in partnership with the telecommunications sector, the upload of this information will be free and therefore, it will not use your personal mobile data or WIFI.

  • Do I need to keep my Bluetooth on while using the careFIJI app?

    Yes. The careFIJI app requires the Bluetooth feature to be turned on in order to operate.

  • If the careFIJI app runs in the background (careFIJI app is not open directly on the phone screen and other apps are being used), will this impact my phone’s capacity to run other applications?

    • For Android users – the careFIJI app is able to work smoothly in the background, while you enjoy using other applications, without any hindrance.
    • For iOS/ Apple users – the careFIJI app works best when the app is open in the foreground (careFIJI app is open on the phone screen). Please use the in-app Power Saver Mode while having the careFIJI app in the foreground for the smoothest user experience. If users need to use other applications, it is recommended to re-open the careFIJI app / bring it to the foreground.
    Note: Due to the system architecture of iOS/Apple mobile phones, careFIJI needs to be open and in the foreground for most effective scanning.  

  • Can I use careFIJI app while using other Bluetooth devices (wireless headphones, speakers and wearables)?

    Yes. The careFIJI app uses Bluetooth to look for other mobile phones that are installed with careFIJI and in close proximity. It should not affect the mobile phone’s ability to separately connect to Bluetooth enabled devices such as wireless headphones, speakers or wearables.

  • What type of information is captured by the careFIJI app and how long is it stored for on my device?

    The careFIJI app only captures minimal relevant information such as the time, date and distance between other careFIJI users in an encrypted and anonymised form and this is securely stored in the mobile phone, and is not accessible to the users. The information captured is stored on a 28 day rolling basis. This simply means that the information captured by the app on the day 1 is automatically removed at the end of day 28. This process continues in a cycle with the 28 day period. When COVID-19 is no longer a risk, you will be prompted to delete the careFIJI app from your phone. This will delete all information stored in the app.

  • When and how do I upload my encrypted and anonymised information?

    The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) contact tracer will call you to advise you when you need to upload your required information, using careFIJI.   There are two easy and clear steps that will enable you to upload your required information using careFIJI.   Step 1 – Confirm that the contact tracer is from the MHMS. The MHMS contact tracer will call your phone number and give you a 6 character code that should match the code that is already stored on your mobile phone.   Step 2 – Once you have confirmed that the caller is a MHMS contact tracer, the contact tracer will give you a PIN which will enable you to upload the required information.   Once you have done this. You will receive a notification that you have successfully uploaded your required information.

  • How will the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) have access to my information?

    The encrypted and anonymised relevant information is only accessed by the MHMS once you give your consent and when you send it from your mobile phone.

  • How can I confirm that I am being contacted by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) contact tracing team and not a scam/hoax caller?

    The MHMS contact tracing team will call you, in person, using the phone number that you registered on careFIJI and will provide you with a verification PIN to confirm that they are authentic contact tracers.  They will then guide you on how to upload the required information using careFIJI.   The MHMS contact tracing team will:-

    • NEVER send you a pre-recorded message;
    • NEVER ask for personal financial information; and
    • NEVER ask you to transfer money.
      Therefore, if you do receive a call impersonating the MHMS contact tracing team and which is a pre-recorded message, asks you for personal financial information or asks you to transfer money, please immediately report it to the Police on 3315599 and extension 325327.

  • What happens if I switch off my mobile phone?

    If your mobile phone is switched off, there will be no recording and scanning of careFIJI user mobile phones in close proximity.

  • What happens if I uninstall the careFIJI app?

    If you uninstall the careFIJI app –– which can be done at any time –– any and all information collected by the careFIJI app will immediately be deleted from your mobile phone.

  • Is there an update available for the careFIJI app?
    An updated version of the #careFIJI app is now available on Android and iOS.
    The team has added new features and enhanced existing features.
    New version now allows;
    - iOS app to work in background*
    - Users to receive push notifications and in app messages.
    - Improved proximity information
    - Improved battery consumption
    Update your app by going to the Android Play Store or Apple App Store. The app can be located through a search for “careFIJI” or in the my apps section.

    *works in background to only receive signals on iOS devices