Privacy Policy

  1. The careFIJI app enhances Fiji’s contact tracing efforts in the fight against COVID-19. careFIJI allows you to be informed if you were in prolonged physical proximity with an infected person and is committed to safeguarding your privacy.
  2. The careFIJI app with your consent exchanges encrypted and anonymised Bluetooth signals with nearby devices that have the careFIJI app active. All data including Bluetooth exchange signals captured in the app is stored securely on your device and is never sent to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) unless consent is given for the data to be uploaded. Bluetooth data stored for longer than 28 days is automatically deleted from your device.
  3. When you register to use careFIJI, we will seek your consent to only collect your mobile number. This information is necessary to register your account and enable health officials to contact you, at the earliest, if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have come in close proximity, even unknowingly, to a COVID-19 positive careFIJI user. No other personal information is collected such as your full name, age or address.
  4. With your consent, the following information will be collected in an encrypted and anonymised form:
      • Mobile number;
      • A random anonymised User Id eg. 8V2CTazBu2MVtKavAJkLyw9SaLU2
      • Date and time of contact; and
      • Bluetooth signal strength of other careFIJI users with which you come into close proximity.
    • The above encrypted information will be securely stored on the mobile devices and cannot be accessed by anyone, including you. Upon sign up, a random anonymised User Id is generated and linked to your mobile number. Your mobile number and User Id is stored in a secure central server.
  5. Your personal information will be used for the sole purpose of enabling MHMS officials to carry out contact tracing immediately and is limited to the following:
      • sending you an SMS to confirm your mobile number or upload your encrypted and anonymised information;
      • providing health officials with access to the registration information, date, time and close proximity duration to enable contact tracing; and
      • using encrypted random anonymised User IDs in uploaded information to identify other careFIJI users that a positive COVID-19 user had contact with in a rolling 28 day period.
  6. To safeguard your personal information, all electronic storage and transmission of your mobile number is secured with appropriate security technologies. You can help further by safeguarding the confidentiality of your unique User ID that is generated once you have registered an account.
  7. The careFIJI app uses Bluetooth to approximate your distance to other devices with the careFIJI app. This is encrypted and securely stored on the mobile devices and cannot be accessed by anyone. Once the information is uploaded with consent, it is stored securely in careFIJI servers and can only be accessed by selected MHMS personnel where it will then be used for the sole purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing. Data regarding location (data that could be used to track your movements), WIFI and mobile network is not collected by the careFIJI app.
  8. Proximity data exchanged between devices does not reveal your identity or the other person’s identity and can only be decrypted by MHMS.
  9. You can request for your information that has been uploaded to be deleted from the careFIJI server.
  10. careFIJI is designed for the purposes of contact tracing. When the need for contact tracing ceases you will be notified to uninstall the careFIJI app. All contact tracing data may be retained for future official use by MHMS.
  11. In order for you to use careFIJI CHECK-IN to scan QR codes, careFIJI CHECK-IN will access your device’s camera for you to do so. Camera usage on careFIJI CHECK-IN will only be for this purpose. For the avoidance of doubt, careFIJI CHECK-IN does not access audio clips, pictures or videos stored on your device. Should other changes to in-app settings be required to enable or enhance the functionality of careFIJI CHECK-IN, we will draw your attention to these and your permission will be sought. When a QR code is scanned, the location address, data and time together with the unique ID of the careFIJI user is captured.